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The Start of Summer

First fish of the year.



Landing Sight.

As I sat next to my car and took in the scene, flocks of geese cruised over head and into the distant corn field. More and more birds filled the field while others landed in the pond. It was one of those rare moments when you’re a part of what’s happening and not a threat to the wild nature of the scene.

Untamed Order Series 2

IMG_7502, originally uploaded by mucentermid03.

This is another image from my Untamed Order series. Every time I look at this image it changes for me. At first glance it’s a simple image but after really looking at it I think one begins to see many layers to it. Slightly disorienting in places and simple in others, this image challenges the viewer in many ways.

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Untamed Order Series 1

IMG_7521, originally uploaded by mucentermid03.

Untamed Order started out as a project for my photo class a little over a year ago. The project deals with finding order in the wilderness. In these images one is confronted with apparent chaos and forced in some way to make sense of it. In a simpler way these photos test one’s conventions of the landscape and test their perspective.

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