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Dance, Dance

IMG_0017, originally uploaded by mucentermid03.

For some reason people make the funniest faces when they dance. In a moment of care-free fun Chris and Ben enjoy Andy and Lindsey’s wedding reception which was quite the affair.

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Untamed Order Series 2

IMG_7502, originally uploaded by mucentermid03.

This is another image from my Untamed Order series. Every time I look at this image it changes for me. At first glance it’s a simple image but after really looking at it I think one begins to see many layers to it. Slightly disorienting in places and simple in others, this image challenges the viewer in many ways.

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An Endearing Moment

IMG_0040, originally uploaded by mucentermid03.

Capturing a special moment is one joy I get from being a photographer. An image is a little piece of someone’s life suspended in time. Images surround us and convey emotions of some sort in our lives. It’s always fun to capture a moment of joy in the somebody’s life.

This image in particular came from the first wedding I shot. The brother of the groom was sharing a dance with his grandmother and truly enjoying the time they were spending together. His smile says it all.

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Untamed Order Series 1

IMG_7521, originally uploaded by mucentermid03.

Untamed Order started out as a project for my photo class a little over a year ago. The project deals with finding order in the wilderness. In these images one is confronted with apparent chaos and forced in some way to make sense of it. In a simpler way these photos test one’s conventions of the landscape and test their perspective.

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Goofy Groomsmen

IMG_9312, originally uploaded by mucentermid03.

Last summer I shot my first wedding. It was a blast and the wedding party was lots of fun. I knew the bride and groom and most of the wedding party. This portrait captures the feel of the whole event pretty well.

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